Swarms... Removing Unwanted Honeybeesswarmsm

Do you have an unwanted swarm of bees in your yard? Perhaps a colony of honeybees has made a home in a wall of your home.

Don't panic! Honeybees aren't interested in you. In fact, swarming is a natural part of the honeybee's reproductive cycle.

Honeybees usually swarm in the spring time when colonies are most likely to grow rapidly.

We are happy to remove a swarm from your property* - simply contact us and we'll explain how removal works.

First, be sure you have a colony of honeybees! This article will help you identify whether you are looking at honeybees, wasps or yellow jackets. (If you're still unsure emailing a picture is very helpful.)

*Of course there is a caveat! If the bees are in a location that may be too dangerous to work with, collecting the swarm may not work. We'll explain what options are available.